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1986 JCM 800 Combo- As is or Modded $1200

For sale! 86′ JCM800 212 combo!!! Comes with a brand new set of matched JJ Tubes FREE! In really good condition. I’m offering it as it sits for $1200 OR…….with the a SIR #39 Mod for $1500. This adds a footswitchable gain stage. This is the Mod used to produce the iconic Appetite for Destruction tone that […]

SOLD! 1960’s Gibson Atlas $500

For sale is an original ’63-64 Gibson Atlas. $500. She sounds wonderful with no crackles or pops and at 30w through two 6L6gc power tubes, she can really bring the tone. It uses 6EU7 preamp tubes and I’m giving two good spares to keep. At some point in it’s life the face was painted…but the […]