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Hot Rod Deluxe/Deville Mods

The Hot Rod Deluxe/ Deville is a proven workhorse since its release in 1995. We offer several Mods for the Hot Rod Series, from durability mods to tone mods. Email for Pricing!

1. Input Jack upgrade -The Hot Rod Series includes subpar plastic input and effects loop jacks that are prone to stripping or even breaking. This upgrade completely removes them and the circuitry included, then replaces with  steel Switchcraft jacks, carbon comp resistors, and directly wired to the V1 tube socket via shielded cable.

2. Lower tube board Mod -The lower tube board is a major area of failure due to its thickness. Couple that with radiating heat from the tubes and transformers, and your have a breeding ground for failure. This mod replaces the thin circuit board with a 3mm thick hand-wired board with Belkin tube sockets and point to point construction. This will provide a lot of durability to an otherwise fragile circuit board.

3. Full Conversion to hand-wired point to point (Includes Lower Tube board Mod) – The Conversion Mod is a MUST for any Tone Junkie.  The Conversion Mod offers a full hand-wired turret board construction using only the absolute best of components. i.e. SoZo Vintage spec or Jupiter signal capacitors, F&T Filter Capacitors, Ohmite Carbon comp resistors, and Alpha potentiometers. Available circuits for Conversion Mod:

5E5A Tweed Pro(A favorite!!), 5F6A Tweed Bassman, 1987X Plexi, or JCM 800.

4. Capacitor Replacement -Replaces all of the power filter and cathode bypass caps with high quality F&T Filter and Sprague Cathode capacitors. Many Blues Jr’s are known to have leaky caps due to subpar component selection from the factory. Along with this we can stiffen up the bass response by increasing the 1 filter cap capacitance. Just ask and we can make it happen!