Flame Mod

Over the years, One thing has stuck throughout most genres…People love their Tube Screamers. We Do Too!

The Flame is our take on the infamous TS808.  Our version emphasizes a slightly different EQ curve and offers a little more towards Clean Boost.  We found that most Metal players keep the gain way down, and the Volume up, so we worked off of that and after many failed attempts….The Flame was Born.


 The Flame is offered in two forms: as an Onboard unit or as a Stomp Box.

The Onboard unit is a controllable and footswitchable boost that we mod in to your amp.  This process requires the installation of a stand-alone transformer that powers the circuit and channel switching. This also opens up the possibility of multiple effects and even midi switching as the channel switching module is programmable to do anything we like.


The stomp box version operates on 9vDC as most other TS pedals do, but we also include a variable voltage control.  Controls are also optional. We can deliver it with the standard Volume, Gain, and Tone or Simply Volume where the other two are board mounted trim pots that we set in shop to the curve we found best.


Another great point to make concerning the Flame is its construction.  We designed the boards on 1.6mm PCB with a full Ground Plane.  The boards are assembled with 1% Metal Film resistors and a specific selection of film and tantalum capacitors.  We also utilize the JRC4558 Op-Amp.  We have displayed this via a CAD representation to show that careful consideration went in to design.  Our minimum trace width is 60mil with 15mil clearance. This was difficult but yielded a very dependable piece of equipment.