PhoeniX FLAME pedal (under construction)

The PhoeniX FLAME is a pedal based effect we have been working on for a while. It is close, but not quite there. Offering a modern High Gain tone with lots of bottom end. Stay tuned for updates and the upcoming demos.



 The PhoeniX FLAME is going to be offered as a Single or Four knob version. As it sits, the full tone we are going for is there, but it is suffering from an oscillation that we are actively working to remedy. But fear not, when she is done, It will be a Force to be reckoned with.



The Stomp box will be a 1590BB in the 4 knob version or a 1590 for the 1 knob version.





And just as the Flame STD pedal, its worthy of noting the construction.  We designed the boards on 1.6mm PCB with a full Ground Plane.  The boards are assembled with 1% Metal Film resistors and a specific selection of film and tantalum capacitors.  We have displayed this via a CAD representation to show that careful consideration went in to design.  Our minimum trace width is 60mil with 15mil clearance. This was difficult but yielded a very dependable piece of equipment.