Sabot 6550

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Metal in its Purest Form. 1 Channel, 1 Purpose, 0 Competition.
Built to Order!

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The Sabot 6550 is a Brutal high gain amplifier that provides boutique features at a very reasonable cost. At first sight, you can tell this isn’t your Daddy’s amp. It’s blackout aesthetics are not the only thing evil on the Sabot. Through an extensive R&D process, we created an EQ designed specifically for OUR music and guitars. While the amps of yesterday hold a place in our hearts for paving the way to the genres of today, they just weren’t designed for 7+ stringed guitars. The low note definition is lost and words like Flub, Mud and a 1000 others are the result. The Sabot EQ was specifically designed for these guitars. The attack required for metal is quite different than the amps of yesterday as well. Hints, why almost ALL of these amps require a boost to tighten the lower register. We love boosts and ODs on our amps as well, but the difference with the Sabot is that you don’t need them to get your foundation tone. They can now be set up to accent leads, and emphasize parts of a song.
The Sabot includes a series buffered effects loop that works flawlessly with your noise gates or time based effects. The Sabot has an incredibly low noise floor, so unless you are trying to achieve quick Djent or Staccato licks, you wont need a gate any longer.


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