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The Sabot is a Single channel, Brutal high gain amplifier that provides unmatched punch, articulation, and definition. This 60W all tube amplifier allows for an incredibly low noise floor at even the most insane gain levels.

The Sabot was designed around our proprietary tone-stack that is specifically designed for extended range and drop tuned guitars. The extreme versatility and articulation comes from a multitude of switching options, twin gain controls for high and low frequencies, and a power control. The Sabot features a sleek Blackout aesthetic that screams METAL! From the anodized billet aluminum knobs, faceplate, and logo, the Sabot is built like a tank.


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The Sabot Gen3 is the culmination of years spent in R&D.  Our new “Mod” platform allows the user to alter the circuit via plug-n-play modules.  Our modules are growing daily to include different variations of added tube gain stages, Boost/Overdrive circuits, Effects Loop with noise gate, and many more.  The Sabot is designed for metal, but with minor alterations can easily be tailored to rock/hard rock.  We post circuit mods that are built in to the PCB on our social media. These mods are simple component changes, removals, or plug in adapters.

– 2- 6550A , 4-ECC83
– Mallory-150 signal capacitors
– F&T/Nichicon Filter capacitors
– Metal Film ½ watt resistors for the ultimate quiet
– PTFE 20awg shielded cabling
– Hammond transformers and choke
– Buffered Series Effects loop

– Front Panel: Power switch, Standby switch, Resonance, Attack, Presence, Master, Bass, Sweep, Middle, Treble, Gain II, Gain I, Input
– Switches: Bright, Mode, Body, Focus
– Back: Send & Return Series Buffered loop with bypass, Impedance selector, Speaker outputs, Power Variac, Bias test points, Mains/HT Fuses, 120VAC Input.










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Dimensions 30 × 15 × 15 in
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