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The story behind OhMyGoat! is really simple. The unholy Goat appeared at Klirrton’s workshop with a mean looking entourage of famous metalheads (Mika of Grave, Guilherme of EntombedAD and many more…) and forced us to redesign the Bottomshaker channel of the mighty Grindstein to become a standalone, badass distortion.
Kohle and I refused to do so, but they treated us with country, R’n’B and Opera-Metal and forced us to drink warm alcohol-free beer!
So we tweaked it, bathed it in blood, did a redesign and played unholy riffs until they screamed:
“Oh My Goat!, that’s it! The tone straight out of Hell!”.
And here it is! The devil’s distortion.


More distortion you will ever need with different flavors (Boost control and Gain control)
Highly effective EQ (huge lowend, higly tweakable highs)
A very complex sounding mid control that can go from tranistor-like, scooped mids to beautiful sounding, warm mids
Can be played into a clean channel or into a poweramp (or even straight into IRs)
Internal noisegate with 3 intensity modes (Off/Moderate/Aggressive)

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