OBNE Haunted Gated Fuzz


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The Old Blood Noise Endeavors Haunt is a gated fuzz that is capable of a wide array of fuzz sounds. From the restrained and nuanced light fuzziness to granular and biting saw sounds, many textures and character traits can be summoned with the Volume, Gate, Fuzz, Mix and Tone knob controls. The Haunt also has two toggle switches; Range and Low. Range sets the range of the Fuzz knob, with lower gain to the left and higher gain to the right. To the left, the Low toggle attenuates the low end, to the right it lets full low end in. You’ll notice a volume boost to the right as a result of the new frequencies being let in, and a new interaction with the Gate, Fuzz, and overall sound of the Haunt.

9VDC – 2.1mm negative center pin adapter.
22 mA draw.

The art of the Haunt is thanks all to Daniel Danger. Check his illustrious body of work out at

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