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Measuring in at 6”x4”, the 1 watt MICROdevil is a MUST! With two gain structures available, the MICROdevil offers Fendery cleans to Voxy crunch or Crunch to High Gain. Available in two color schemes: Black on gold as pictured or Etched gold on black. It also makes an awesome Preamp to run your larger power amp, or plug in headphones and rock out in your living room. For you studio guys, the MICROdevil can plug straight to your console or cab emulator. We incorporated a load resistor so the MICROdevil is safe to run with no cab.

For all you Studio players, we didn’t leave you out!

The MICROdevil is our 1-watt Class-A Beast.  At 1 watt, she is perfect for practicing in the bedroom or mic’d at gigging levels.


  • Additional “Balls” switch on rear offers an added punch!
  • 1 GE 5789
  • 2 JJ Tesla ECC83 Preamp tubes
  •  2 JJ Tesla EL84 Power Tubes
  • 1 JJ 5Y3 Rectifier


Left to Right: Power, Indicator, Master, Bass, Mids, Treble, Volume(Gain), and Input.

Left to Right- Preamp Out, Headphones, Speaker Output, and Mains Input. Fuse Located Internal.

PCB/ Turret Board

The 2.5mm thick FR4 classic turret board design.  All signal related components are installed via turrets.

Over All Construction

The finish is remarkable and extremely durable for life on the road.  The Front and Rear panels are custom made in the USA with anodized aluminum.  The lettering is etched in to the plates so, they will not Wipe off over time like other amps.  We painstakingly chose every component in the amplifier; from the custom wound transformers to the low noise Metal Film resistors.

Please Indicate Which level of gain you would like. Clean or Crunch.

If you have any questions or want something special in your MICROdevil, here’s my personal cell phone. Just call! What ever happened to being able to call and chat with people! haha

James Hudmon (229)561-5563


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