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The Little Devil is proof that great things come in small packages.  At 12 watts of pure chaos, the Little Devil offers all the sizzle and crunch you could ever need.  Featuring a custom designed circuit that uses its low voltage to create insane amounts of distortion.  But roll back the Gain and listen to the warmest Clean tone you’ve ever heard.  Perfect for anything from Dive Bars to the Big Stage (with some help from a mic of course).  The Little Devil is in a class of it’s on, as its response is unlike any other amp on the market.  You will NOT be disappointed!

The Little Devil captures all the tones of your Classic rock bands to insane crunch.  The EQ is the perfect middle ground for single coils or humbuckers, and responds equally to rolling off the volume on the guitar. This is perfect for players who use the amp for overdrive and roll off for cleans.

The fully adjustable buffered effects loop offers total control of your time based and modulation effects.  Also equipped with a bypass switch to remove it from the signal chain.


  • 2 stage distortion control switch on rear
  •  3 JJ Tesla ECC83 Preamp tubes
  •  2 JJ Tesla EL34 Power Tubes, but fully accepts KT77, 6V6GT, 6L6 and many more.


Left to Right: Power, Standby, Indicator, Presence, Master, Bass, Middle, Treble, Gain, and Input

Left to Right- Mains Input, Mains Fuse, HT Fuse, Speaker Outputs, Impedance Selector, Buffered Effects Loop, Distortion Control Switch

PCB/ Turret Board

The 2.5mm thick FR4 classic turret board design.  All signal related components are installed via turrets.

Over All Construction

The cabinet is offered in either tolex wrapped 3/4″ birch with Flamed Maple face or a full Flamed Maple cabinet with automotive grade clear coat.  The finish is remarkable and extremely durable for life on the road.  The Front and Rear panels are custom made in the USA with anodized aluminum.  The lettering is etched in to the plates so, they will not Wipe off over time like other amps.  We painstakingly chose every component in the amplifier; from the custom wound transformers to the low noise Metal Film resistors. We spare no expense! but don’t worry, as you can tell we didn’t jack the price up stupid like our competitors!

Available with Flame Mod!

If you have any questions or want something special in your Little Devil, here’s my personal cell phone. Just call! What ever happened to being able to call and chat with people! haha

James Hudmon (229)561-5563


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