Klirrton Lichtbringer V2


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The Bottom control allows you to have full control (cut/boost) of your stomach shaking low-end and with the Sharpen control you can tighten up your high-mid section (cut/boost) in order to get these well-known metallic sizzle highs, Strat-Twang or typical djenttone. The Heat control let’s you control the boost level. It should be on you to decide how smooth or hard you want to drive your amp!

Most people use Lichtbringer as a heavy boost pedal to make a nice tight distortion tone without cutting the low end, but it is also an awesome tool to enhance your clean sound.

9VDC Power Supply (center negative) internally boosted to more than 18VDC
High quality, selected electronic components
Hammond Aluminium Die-hard enclosure
Screenprinted by hand with supreme epoxy ink from Germany
Made in Germany by a German engineer

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