Hand-wired Blues or Hot Rod Deluxe/Deville Mod



Turn that tired old Hot Rod Deluxe or Deville in to an articulate punch Tweed voiced amp! If you want the true tweed tone at a fraction of the cost, then look no further. This mod will convert your circuit board Hot Rod in to a hand-wired Tweed Pro, Bassman, low power twin or a Plexi based circuit.

All the original circuit and hardware will be removed except the transformers, switches, light, and chassis. A new hand-wired board will be built for the new circuit you choose. The original board mounted tube sockets and pots are junked; then replaced with much higher quality Belkin sockets and alpha pots. The mods are built with SoZo signal caps, F&T Filter caps, Carbon Comp resistors, and solid core lacquered cloth wiring. The aesthetics will take an upgrade to with a new custom engraved metal faceplate!

The options become endless at this point. We can add channels, additional gain stages, effects loops, reverb, vibrato, and much more!


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