Need an Effects Loop??

Look no further, we got you covered!


Our buffered effects loop is an excellent addition to any amp.  With a fully adjustable 10dB of gain on the Send, it is perfect for rack mount effects or stomp boxes.




Designed around a pair of LND150 transistors, the effects loop offers unsurpassed transparency.  Built with longevity in mind, the Loop is built on 1.6mm FR4 with Mallory 150 capacitors and metal film resistors.  We incorporated plenty of filtering to ensure adequate power at any given volume setting.



Installation is a breeze for anyone with minimal soldering skills, but remember! These are tube amps with an abundance of high voltage…They will KILL YOU!  With that said, let’s move on haha.  The effects loop operates off of 4 wires: Power, Ground, input, and output.

Can’t Solder?? No problem, we offer installation at unbeatable rates!

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