Mantle Amp 7w $500

I came up with this idea to target what I call Country Gentlemen. This amp has a very small footprint and will blend in as a piece of furniture in your living room. We will offer this amp in your choice of wood to match the room its going in. It also comes with grill cloth or slotted wood face. Pictured below is a preview of my personal one. They are available for purchase in 3 models. The models include the MA1, MA2, and MA3. They are all 7 watt point to point using SoZo Caps, Carbon Comp resistors, CTS pots, and F&T filter caps. We are offering a clean champ inspired version, a AC4 inspired, and a 2 channel champ/top boost version. The cabs are loaded with Jensen C8R drivers. We’re not trying to recreate the wheel here, just put new tires on it.

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