“Doug Aldrich Inspired JMP Mod”

  • “Doug Aldrich Inspired Mod”

Really just wanted to share some pics, and put this out there. We were asked to do a Doug Aldrich Mod on a JMP, but anyone in the know knows how hard it is. Virtually no real schematics and the originals are always covered in black sealant to hide the magic. All I had to go off of was a sound clip and I knew it was rederived from the Jose mod. This mod has two independent inputs with corresponding gain controls and channel masters, accompanied by a PPIMV master volume.  After a week or so of trying different things I landed on an awesome thick tone, and decided to build one from scratch. So, stay tuned for that one! We can also perform this mod on your JCM, JMP, or other variant/brand for a modest price. Not trying to make a killin, trying to make a name!

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